When explorer Willis M. Quiet encounters a small crystalline creature called Gem, he is drawn into an epic quest to reunite Gem with an old friend and help them to reawaken a long-dead race of stone giants.

Their adventure takes them across the vast and varied land of Ora, filled with ancient secrets and hidden perils.


Willis M. Quiet

Brave, resourceful and curious, Quiet spends his days foraging and exploring in the vast land of Ora, recording his discoveries in his journal.


While foraging for breakfast one day, he encounters Gem. They become fast friends and embark on a journey to reunite the creature with an old friend. 


Ancient, tough and mysterious, Gem is a remnant of a long-dead civilisation, wandering the world for centuries without purpose.

When the creature runs into trouble, Quiet appears just in time to help it escape, and the two embark on their quest together. 


Forgotten and alone, the heroic Blue is the last of a race of stone guardians that once protected Ora.

Trapped in the remains of the last city to fall, Blue pines for his old friend. As Gem and Quiet venture closer to the city, Blue feels the rubble begin to shift...




The world of Ora began as a summer project for university in 2017. It had a lot of freedom, and eventually took the form a game design document.

Originally the story of a cosmonaut who crash lands on an alien planet, discovering a small creature who aids him in rebuilding his ship and returning home.

The story shifted slightly, removing the cosmonaut and focusing on the crystalline creatures and their quest to save their world from invading aliens, using the help of an ancient race of stone guardians.

The project also shifted away from being a game to being a storybook. A large series of images were created and posted to social media, but it lost steam as other work took precedence.

The project finally settled into its current form when the story was combined with that of another project, expanding the scope of the world of Ora. 


It returned to being a game design exercise, with an explorer being a logical device to enable the player to experience the world.

Below is a selection of sketches and illustrations from various stages of the project. 

Quiet and the world of Ora will continue to be developed, with many exciting things planned. 

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Jamie Brownhill - Illustrator