When the video game villain known as Terrorhand kidnaps her brother, Genesis Hudson ventures into the digital realm to rescue him.

As the barrier between reality and virtual reality begins to collapse, Terrorhand's true plan comes to light, and Genesis must battle for the fate of both worlds.

Kid Genesis is part of an ambitious comic project designed to tie together a multitude of characters and narratives created over the years. In a vast and varied universe, Genesis is the thread tying together two worlds on a collision course.

Originally designed for a university project, as an answer to a question about the role of video games in youth culture, Kid Genesis developed into a love letter to video games from the late 80s and early 90s.

The project, still in the early stages of development, is being created in collaboration with Raluca Farcas and James Rudd, aiming to produce an exciting mix of styles and stories!

The first Kid Genesis comic book, created for the above mentioned university project, is available physically and digitally from my shops, linked just below and at the top of the site. 

Below are some excerpts from that comic as well as some development work for it, as well as the current comic, which is still in production.

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Kid Genesis is an ongoing project that will be updated regularly. To stay informed of developments, consider following the social media accounts linked below!

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Jamie Brownhill - Illustrator